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  Realistic Art by American Artist William Howard

Commissions Accepted

  • Boats
  • Family Homes
  • Local Landmarks
  • Historical Buildings

Artist will work from your photo

Charcoal & Color Pencil Drawings

Lighthouses, Nautical
Architecture & Historical Works

by  Artist, William Howard

Personalized Boxes

Solid Wood Boxes with original wood-burned drawings. Each is unique and one of a kind

Signed by Artist

Portland Head Lighthouse in color pencil

Portland Head Lighthouse, ME

 Works in Color Pencil

      William loves to draw Lighthouses, Harbor Scenes and Boats. His color pencil drawings take careful layering to achieve the beautiful paint like quality of each piece. 

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Details &  Pricing

Quiet Bay Color Pencil Drawing

Quiet Bay

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in color pencil

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC


Thomas Pt. Shoal Lighthouse in color pencil

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse, MD

 Prints & Note Cards   available of all Works

St Augustine Lighthouse Lantern in color pencil
Harbor Color Pencil Drawing


Whitefish Bay color pencil print

Whitefish Bay

Another Time Color Pencil Interior

Another Time

St. Augustine Lighthouse Lantern, FL

Train Depot Color Pencil Drawing
Cedar Key Color Pencil Drawing
Wilsons Ice Cream Parlor

Train Depot

Wilson’s Ice Cream Parlor

Cedar Key

Back Porch Color Pencil Interior

Back Porch

Dining Room Color Pencil Interior

Dining Room

Kitchen Color Pencil Interior


Afternoon Light Color Pencil Interior

Afternoon Light

Cana Island Lighthouse in Charcoal

Cana Is., WI

Framed Lighthouse Series Print
Lighthouse Prints
can be ordered  framed in 5/8” black aluminum with acid free double mat

  Unframed Print      $12.50          ( 9”x12”)     

Set of 4 Prints        $40.00

North American Lighthouse Series
in Charcoal

We offer any American Lighthouse even if not seen below

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse charcoal  drawing

Cape Hatteras, NC

Split Rock LighthouseTower charcoal drawing

Split Rock Tower, MN

Sherwood Pt. Lighthouse charcoal drawing

Sherwood Pt., WI

Bodie Island Lighthouse charcoal drawing

Bodie Island, NC

Currituck Beach Lighthouse charcoal drawing

Currituck Beach, NC

New London Harbor Lighthouse charcoal drawing

New London Harbor, CT

Concord Point Lighthouse charcoal drawing

Concord Point, MD

Michigan Island Lighthouse charcoal drawing Sand Island Lighthouse charcoal drawing
Outer Island Lighthouse charcoal drawing
Raspberry Island Lighthouse charcoal drawing

Raspberry Is., WI

Michigan Is. ,WI

Sand Is. ,WI

Outer Island, WI

St. Augustine Lighthouse in Charcoal
Cape Florida Lighthouse charcoal drawing

Cape Florida, FL

St. Augustine, FL

New Dungeness Lighthouse charcoal drawing

New Dungeness, WA

Ligththouse Lantern in Charcoal

Lighthouse Lantern

 Works in Charcoal

By The Bay Nautical Charcoal drawing


Split Rock Lighthouse print of original charcoal drawing

Split Rock Lighthouse, MN

William  welcomes Commissions from Communities and Historical Societies to draw local Buildings and Landmarks.  William gives great attention to detail and is often asked if his works are photographs.

City Hall print of original charcoal drawing

Old City Hall

Courthouse print of original charcoal


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Details &  Pricing

Hotel Minocqua Charcoal Drawing


Bicycle 1900 Penny Farling charcoal drawing


 Prints & Note Cards   Available of all Works

Lily-Victorian Portrait in charcoal


Artist Daily
EC Gallery Handmade Art + Craft


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